[AUDIO] Pandemia nu s-a încheiat! La spitalele din Caransebeş şi Oraviţa vin tot mai multe persoane cu COVID-19

Foarte mulţi cărăşeni infectaţi cu noul coronavirus se adresează în continuare Spitalului Municipal din Caransebeş. Nu s-a încheiat pandemia atrage atenţia directorul medical Loredana Liuba. Aceasta susţine că autorităţile au renunţat prea uşor la restricţii iar oamenii care nu se protejează şi nu sunt vaccinaţi sunt la fel de expuşi ca în valurile anterioare.

Cu aceeaşi situaţie se confruntă şi Spitalul Orăţenesc din Oraviţa. Medicul Valentin Epure a declarat că la ora actuală, sunt mai mulţi pacienti confirmaţi cu SARS-COV-2 decât în valul 4 al pandemiei.

În ultimele 24 de ore, în România au fost înregistrate 4.033 de persoane infectate cu Sars CoV- 2 cu 120 mai multe decât în ziua anterioară. În acelaşi interval de timp, în Caraş-Severin au fost raportate 43 de cazuri infectate cu noul coronavirus. În spitalele din judeţ sunt internaţi 62 de pacienti. A fost confirmat si un deces este vorba despre un bărbat în varstă de 90 de ani din Reşiţa, ne-a transmis Direcţia de Sănătate Publică a judetului Caraş-Severin.

Şi Organizaţia Mondială a Sănătăţii avertizează ca se înmulţesc din nou cazurile de coronavirus şi că acest lucru ar putea constitui un vârf al aisbergului pentru un nou val pandemic, având în vedere ca unele state raportează scăderi ale numărului de teste. OMS se aşteaptă la noi creşteri în regiunile în care restricţiile au fost ridicate şi atrage atenţia că în multe tări există niveluri ale mortalităţii inacceptabil de ridicate.


  1. March 11, 2022
    Old folks in Hong Kong dropping like flies; currently the highest death rate on earth in this entire pandemic.

    As Hong Kong reports tens of thousands of coronavirus cases each day, the city’s large population of unvaccinated elderly residents has resulted in the highest official death rate per capita of any jurisdiction during the pandemic. Only about 30 per cent of Hong Kong residents over 80 have been double vaccinated despite vaccines being freely available for more than a year, amid widespread vaccine hesitancy among the elderly.

    Though Hong Kong kept COVID-19 at bay throughout much of the pandemic, the highly transmissible Omicron variant eventually broke through the city’s defences, which have included some of the world’s toughest border restrictions.

    The resulting surge in infections has overwhelmed the public healthcare system, stretching the capacity of isolation wards, intensive care facilities and mortuaries to their limit. Patients are routinely turned away from hospitals, while high-risk elderly admissions have been left waiting outside, sometimes in the cold.

    A new Omicron mutation has made Hong Kong the deadliest place on earth for Covid – and the rogue strain has already been detected in Australia.

    Hong Kong has been ravaged by the virus since mid-February when deaths soared from just 224 to 2287 within weeks.

    Omicron killed 280 people in Hong Kong on Monday, and there’s been 450,000 cases since February 15. Before Omicron, the city had only 50,000 since the start of the pandemic.

    All recent cases have been of a slightly mutated strain of the BA2 form of the disease which tweaks the amino acid profile in one of the Covid virus cell spike proteins.

    What does this mean to me?

    .BA2 is already in the USA, and is around 6% of cases right now. It is unknown if .BA2.2 is in the USA at all. For now. .BA2 is also raging in Thailand, and is significant in Germany, South Africa, and a few other areas in Europe, eg Scandinavia.

    It is very important to understand that “.BA2” is a misnomer. Also labeled “stealth Omicron”, this is also an error. Both Omicron (“.BA1”) and .BA2 are descended from the old Gamma variant, and appeared at around the same time. But .BA2 is NOT descended from Omicron. It is a sibling variant, with its own unique set of mutations. .BA2 is more infectious than Omicron, and slightly more virulent, primarily going deeper into the lungs than Omicron goes. .BA2.2 is descended from .BA2, and it appears to be much more virulent.

    At this point it is not known if acquired immunity to Omicron will also protect you from .BA2. The new monoclonal antibody cocktail may also work. And now there’s a study out showing that a monoclonal mix you can inhale might work really really well on any of these little bastards. That one needs to move forward from the lab to trials ASAP.

    The effectiveness of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapeutic antibodies has been limited by the continuous emergence of viral variants, and by the restricted diffusion of antibodies from circulation into the sites of respiratory virus infection. Here, we report the identification of two highly-conserved regions on Omicron variant RBD recognized by broadly neutralizing antibodies. Furthermore, we generated a bispecific single-domain antibody that was able to simultaneously and synergistically bind these two regions on a single Omicron variant RBD as revealed by cryo-EM structures. We demonstrated that this bispecific antibody can be effectively delivered to lung via inhalation administration, and exhibited exquisite neutralization breadth and therapeutic efficacy in mouse models of SARS-CoV-2 infections. Importantly, this study also deciphered an uncommon and highly-conserved cryptic epitope within the spike trimeric interface that may have implications for the design of broadly protective SARS-CoV-2 vaccines and therapeutics.

    In summary, the binding of n3130v induces RBDs to the wide-up state and introduces instability to RBDs. This is consistent with our observation that incubation of bn03 and Omicron S trimers would gradually disassemble the trimer to monomers.

    Intriguingly, fusion of the human IgG1 Fc to the single-domain antibodies improved the neutralization activity of n3113v but not the n3130v. These findings underscore the advantages of the small-sized n3130v (13 kDa) and bn03 (27228kDa) to penetrate deeply into the cryptic spike interface and effectively neutralize SARS-CoV-2.

    [ Note: kDa is a kilodalton, a measure of mass. 602,213,665,167,516 (more than 602 trillion) kDa = 1 microgram. 1,000,000 microgram = 1 gram. ] ~http://www.barking-moonbat.com/images/uploads/Screenshot_2022-03-11_at_12-13-27_COVID-19_Data_Explorer.png

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